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March 2nd, 2010

06:34 pm

It's been an interesting year. I don't seem to write anymore. I should.

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April 20th, 2009

04:25 pm - @#$$#&*%$ Apple Software.. *smash head into wall*

*sigh* waaaahhhhhh....

God damn Apple Software. After many months of believing that my shiny new laptop which should certainly be a very good computer was simply incapable of playing nicely with my digital camera- as every time I downloaded the camera to the laptop the videos would become solidly stuck at least 90% of the time, no renaming, moving, or deleting allowed- I finally discovered an internet forum revealing that simply having QuickTime installed on the laptop was causing the video freeze. Removing it solved all my problems, and my videos were now free to be moved, named, and deleted at will.

Today is apparently the first day I have tried to work with my iTunes program since then. Turns out iTunes will not work without QuickTime installed, though I can't imagine why they would do this to people. I don't need QuickTime, I use iTunes for music. I use VLC for video. I just want my music files, goddamn it.

So iTunes will not open at all with QuickTime gone, but QuickTime is the devil. And thus, Apple plots to fuck over my laptop. Bastards.

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July 16th, 2008

11:19 am - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog- innovative show, yes, but good?..

So, yesterday, July 15th, was the release date for Act I of three parts of Joss Whedon's new internet show, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Claimed to be prompted during the writer's strike as an innovative next step in the evolution of TV entertainment, the online show, as well as its unique handling, is definitely a curiosity.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog airs at http://www.drhorrible.com, publishing Act I yesterday, Act II on July 17th, and Act III on July 19th.
At midnight on July 20th, the show is removed from free internet viewing and only allowed to be purchased, by iTunes or by DVD release.

All their up-to-date information, scheduling, products, and site-status news is published at http://doctorhorrible.net.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog has relied solely upon the popularity of Joss Whedon and word spread across the internet by fans for its advertising. For those who don't know, Joss Whedon is the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, the Sci-Fi "space western" show Firefly, and Firefly's movie sequel Serenity. Despite this odd method of non-advertising, the show reached a launch-date popularity far beyond any expected, resulting in an immediate crash of the site. The show was quickly moved to a new server, although many users were receiving a "site not found" error throughout the day while waiting for their computers to reset to the new server's IP address.

http://doctorhorrible.net published an update about the move, and at some point during the time at which I checked their site yesterday afternoon and again about 4 hours later, they had edited this post to remove a final paragraph addressing how one could force their computer to go to the new IP address right away by changing their computer's HOSTS file. They had mentioned that no one should try it unless they were sure of what they were doing. Well, I wasn't sure of what I was doing, but I'm pretty good with computers and was willing to fiddle with a HOSTS file in something as simple as notepad. So, I went ahead on both my computers (XP and Vista) and added the necessary entry to my HOSTS files: " www.drhorrible.com". Hurray, Dr. Horrible video for me!

* EDIT: * Well, the completion of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog left a range of emotions. After progressing past the initial sadness to recognize the necessary tragedy in the character's development to become what he was to become, I have determined that Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is just awesome. Yay! Although there are songs that I would qualify as disappointingly poor quality, or at least high school musical embarrassing, there are more that are really damn good (such as the opposing world view duet with Dr. Horrible and Penny), and overall I love Dr. Horrible. >^_^< Yay!

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June 30th, 2008

05:10 pm - I made Kitty Cat Icons! Wee!! >^_^< .
I made some kitty cat icons with some of my favorite recently found kitty pics. >^_^< Yay!

I can't use all of them, even with my LJ plus account (and I'll miss having my Pink icons available- it wasn't easy to find so many pics of Pink, the catgirl from Dragon Pink, back when I did those- *sniffle*), so I tried to pick out some of my favorites, and I'll post them all anyway. >^_^<

Yay Kitty Cat Icons! >^_^<

The captioned icons:

The icons I didn't caption:

The blanks of the ones I captioned:

Yay!! >^_^< .
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May 21st, 2008

12:20 am - Obsessive Gaming Problem.. (Hello Kitty Online)
I got a Hello Kitty Online Closed Beta account through the giveaway at mmosite.com!

I'm still up.. I can barely see.. I'm going to stop for the night.

I read on their site that the second wave of closed beta testing will only be open until May 25th! Ack!

But I've been playing for a few hours each on two or three days now (several today), and I seem to be running out of things to do. More quests might open up after I complete the building of a house. Apparently, constructing the house takes 16 hours of playing to work on it if you have a Guild to join with 5 people who will build it with you, but if you don't, then lots longer. Sounds like that's one section of the game that could use some cut down for the final product, 'cause ouch on the time for that! Anyway, I've got some feedback recorded for the game. I'll write some more later. Need sleep. See ya! >^_^< .
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February 4th, 2008

01:25 pm - UMaine [Orono] Shoots Down Student Orgs
Well, UMaine is pulling their stupid as hell shit once again.

Apparently, they decided to drop Student Orgs Fairs from the Family & Friends Weekend lineup.

The Student Orgs Fair with "carnival" theme has now been replaced by their usual "Late Night in the Union" carnival stuff. I mean, sure, chocolate fountains are neat, and giant inflatable structures can be mildly entertaining, but what the hell does that have to do with a college?? Family & Friends Weekend is supposed to be about showing off the college, and getting new students and younger siblings interested in attending. And man, these "Late Night" things are so stale by now.. *sigh*

So, no more showing off Student Organizations to family and friends. Guess they'll just have to settle for the Dining Commons tours.. Bleh.

This sucks. That kills the only opportunity Student Orgs have to gather more attention and interest in the Spring Semester. It also kills an opportunity for Student Orgs to give prospective students more reasons to think about attending.

The Fall Semester kicks off with a Dinner on the Mall and Student Orgs Showcase. The Blade Society (Fencing Club) gets to show off there, and they used to do Family & Friends Weekend too, aside from last year's administrative fuck-up that didn't give them space, even though they had signed up. So geez, what the hell are Student Orgs supposed to do in the Spring Semesters now?

We'll need to come up with something to do on our own. The Fall Semester is easy, Samhain gives us a perfect excuse to run a Pagan Campus Organization Divination Fair in October. (Man, that Divination Fair rocked, woo!) But what do we do in the Spring Semester? Every year we have a bonfire & cookout with a Maypole to celebrate Beltane, but what could we do that's like the Samhain Divination Fair that we could hold on the front lawns by the library? Something to really get as much attention as readings? .... ??

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December 5th, 2007

06:43 pm - ... The cat that steals your soul..

The cat that steals your soul..

Check out the designer's original bad-Engrish blog post about these guys here.

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November 27th, 2007

11:06 am - Some more PaCO stuff
Yet more about the Pagan Campus Organization. (For the stuff about what's already over, it's just hard to get over some of this stuff, you know? I just gotta get it out somewhere.)

Anyway, I've got to get to campus today. There's a whole list of things that PaCO needs done. I'll see what I can do by myself, and then see who's available and when to do the rest.

We're trying to recover from the damage Michelle has done, but it's rough. She did manage to screw up a few things for us in her secret plot to get Zeus thrown out.**

Where before, the departments we needed things from on campus were perfectly friendly and happy to help me get things for PaCO, they are now standoffish and rude, because Michelle got Gustavo Burkett to bully them over her "no non-students" thing, so even though our group tossed her traitorous, discriminatory ass out, these departments are no longer willing to help me, because they don't want to be yelled at again for helping a non-student.

Now, this isn't the biggest problem ever, but it's a decent-sized pain in the ass. Sure, we can have the Officers and other student members do most things-- which they should anyway, but if they can't and need another willing member to do it, the member should be allowed to-- but, some things are just easier if they'll talk to me once in a while, since, at this point, I do all our design work. I made the buttons design pages we need laser-printed. I make flyers. David tried to email the buttons files to the lady who could get them printed for us, but his email wouldn't send them, so I did it. Easy. But then, they were mean about it.

I mean, it's ONE thing to be standoffish or ignore a non-student because you don't want to get bullied again, but it's a TOTALLY SEPARATE thing to be rude to a student officer just because they are asking that files from a non-student get accepted for the group. You know what? A student officer actually HAS the right to pass on the wishes of the group, and if they say it's ok to take design work from a non-student because, yes, the group needs it, then, you know what? It SHOULD be OK. Come on, what planet are you University people on??

So, Gustavo pushing this "no non-students" thing on other departments, which our group doesn't need to listen to-- HE said the group could vote on whether or not it accepts non-students as equals, and it DID, so that's that-- is hindering our progress, and that pretty much sucks. Gah. A guy whose job it is to HELP Student Orgs shouldn't go out of his way to HINDER them that much. Sick.

So anyway, trying to help the new officers as much as I can. Hoping that PaCO will be fully recovered as soon as possible. Whew.

**Yeah, that's what it was all about. Did I mention that yet? The three weeks of hell she dragged PaCO through was all about the fact that SHE didn't like Zeus, and was willing to sacrifice everything to get rid of him. She went whining to Gustavo at Student Orgs to say, "I want to be fair and democratic, BUT, we have to get rid of Zeus, how do we do it?". So that's why everything got fucked up. All the while, she put on a fake face, and said that "it's the University's rule, not mine", while it was JUST HER PLAN to get rid of him, not the University's rule at all. She just wanted to use whatever bits of University stuff she could grab hold of to push her own agenda. She was two-faced and back-stabbing, trying to pull shit to get her own way. And she attacked at least 4 of us to do it.

She had the nerve to say things like "I don't appreciate a forced election to get rid of me", when all the while SHE was the one trying to use whatever she could in order to force Zeus out. She brought the election down on HERSELF by pulling that shit. Duh. Of COURSE she lost the election. Pagan groups don't discriminate, and they don't put up with that power game shit. She attacked ME as well as Zeus by pulling that "no non-students" shit. She attacked DAVID and STACY as well as Zeus by pulling her "no 'old' guys" shit. Fuck that.

The unbelievable nerve she had really pisses me off, even now. The nerve she had to lie to my face, acting like stuff was about PaCO and University shit, when it was really all about HER and what SHE wanted. She attacked ME, she attacked DAVID and STACY, in her plot against Zeus.

She attacked my friends AND me, she abused her power on the FirstClass system by deleting any post she didn't like, she stepped all over EVERYONE'S rights, and she tried to break apart and change the group I love most to suit her own, discriminatory agenda.

Of COURSE she lost the election, no one would put up with Evil Bitch shit like that. And only after she lost, did she reveal that it was really all about Zeus, all along (not that we hadn't suspected). She let PaCO suffer because of what SHE wanted. PaCO shouldn't have been dragged through this. That's just another injustice she has done to this group.

If she had some problem with Zeus, she should have just spoken up about it, not pulled power-game shit behind everyone's backs. Hell, she could have brought his presence up to a vote in the group. I'm sure she would have lost, just as she lost the election; Zeus has been very valuable to the group, getting us bonfire pits and permissions, and has been friendly and seems to be liked by the others. I suppose that's why she didn't do it. But to pull shit like this, to step on everyone's rights and back-stab, just, arrrgghh. It's sickening. It just disgusts me to see someone capable of such two-faced-ness and unjust behavior.

You can't have things both ways, either, and we SAW her trying to pull that shit. She pushed the rule that no one could vote unless they'd attended two PaCO functions, except when she said that the friend of Alora's that she liked could vote, even though she'd only been to one meeting. You can't pull things to have it both ways, you know. That's stupid as hell. She expected to say that I could come back after she'd pulled this "no non-students" shit? She told me that my cut-off from the FirstClass folder was expected to be temporary? Fuck you. When leading a group, you get things on one set of rules, or the other, NOT however you want, whenever you want. If you set a rule, and it's accepted by the group, then that's how it's going to be. You can't make exceptions ONLY when YOU feel like it, and tell everyone else they CAN'T.

If she'd have gotten her way and convinced the group to reject, for the first time in 10 years, non-students, then Zeus and I would have to leave and not come back until she was no longer President, and the group could have a chance to vote it back, if they wished. She could have tried to invite me back, as it seemed like she wanted to do, but fuck that. It's not RIGHT. For me to go back after she made it her platform to exclude non-students? What the FUCK was she thinking? When you want a group to set a rule, that's the fucking rule. You don't get to make exceptions for JUST those you LIKE. Period. I suppose it's lucky Tarsha wasn't still around. How would they justify their "no non-students" platform with her still wanting to attend?

Anyway, I guess the overall feeling I'm stuck with these days is extreme hurt.
The level of this BETRAYAL.. Just, wow.
To be willing to stand up in front of me and tell me that I don't matter anymore, to be willing to tell me that the years of effort and personal money I've given to help this group are nothing, because SHE suddenly wants the group to adopt some obscure rule so that she can further her own, personal agenda of getting rid of Zeus. To be willing to ATTACK ME, DAVID, AND STACY, to be willing to hurt anyone that might stand up for what was right, just to get her own way.

To have the nerve to try and act like some kind of victim, to whine about what a bad friend I was, when SHE was the one who did all of this?? For her to attack me and then whine like she got what she didn't deserve for all these people she hurt?

It's shocking, sickening, disgusting, and painful.
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November 19th, 2007

05:36 pm - Super Fun Afternoon! Wee! >^_^< .
Wee! This has been a super fun afternoon! Not so much in the way of actual fun, but that we got so much done and it was so easy! And that's really exciting!

Really, this is the part that keeps blowing my mind, was just how easy it was to get this stuff done. Woo! *bounce* *bounce* Yay for PaCO!

So, on Friday a few of us got together for about an hour and a half. And today, a few more of us got together for the same. 2:30 to 4:00. So, in just three hours of effort, we've accomplished more for PaCO than PaCO has seen in any semester for years! It just makes you bounce with joy! >^_^<

Today, we got us signed up for a Bake Sale table in the middle of the Union! It was so easy! That really keeps knockin' me over, ha ha. >^_^< We went into the office at the Information Booth, asked about getting a table across from the Info Booth for a Bake Sale by donation, Ms. LeClair said, "When do you want it?" We said, Friday, December 14th. She wrote us in, and boom, we were done! Woo!! 20 seconds. Seriously. Wow. Every time we tried to suggest a bake sale to raise group funds, Michelle kept saying it was too hard, because you had to pay fees to sell stuff in the Union, and they'd make us go to the basement where the jewelry sellers get tables, and have to fill out paperwork, and blah blah blah. And wow, NONE of that was true! I just can't get over how easy this was! Hurray for PaCO getting to do stuff! >^_^<

Today, we also got our key to the Wade Center Office, finally. That only took about 30 seconds. Maybe 45 seconds by the time we had to walk down the hall to the office to pick them up at. We've completed our Club Update, we've completed our Event Funding Request for our Yule Celebration Bonfire & Cookout, and we've completed our Yearly Office Budget Request which will reimburse us for all kinds of advertising. We got all the info we need to buy advertising on CAB's Buzz, News Flush, and Table Talk! We'll get our ad space in the plastic table thingies for a whole week with that! (And in the News Flush bathroom stall boards, and in the Buzz.) Woo! And wow, that was easy too! >^_^< AND we got all the info we need to buy ad space in the Maine Campus paper if we want too. Also, surprisingly easy. The Yearly Budget will go quickly if we use these for every event, but it'll be ok. We can keep having bake sales, now that we know how easy they are, and PaCO will never have to worry about funds for little things again. Woo!!!

I mean, I could put extra effort into these advertising methods by designing the little 2.5" x 3.5"-ish ads and stuff, but probably I'll just send them the basic info, and email them one of the flyers I made so that they have the option of using my clip art, if they want, or it'll at least give them an idea to work from. I bet that'll work fine. Making the ads is what they do, right? >^_^<

Ooh, we even signed up for a new thing, which was free advertising in the Union. There was a little purple slip on our desk in the Wade Center to sign up for free marketing. They'll make us an ad to put up all around the Union and in the Wade Center, and send it to all Student Orgs on First Class. Woo! I heard we were the first group to sign up for it. >^_^<

So, the only thing left is printing, because Ms. Gifford was not in this afternoon. We'll just have to get her my new buttons files (pretty new Yule buttons, woo!) and the flyers for the Yule Celebration, and have our stuff printed and then go pick it up. Yay!! >^_^<

Woo, so, yeah, that pretty much covered everything. Hm.. Yep, everything on the list is checked off! Woo!! We got everything we needed done, and it only took three hours! Woo! Go us!

Yay, can't wait for the fun! >^_^< After this stuff, there's not much to worry about. Set up for these things is pretty darn easy. We could do the Bonfires & Cookouts blindfolded by now, and the bake sale only needs a couple of us to bake some mixes. Oh, gotta shop for supplies to make candles and soap and lip-balm. But we know what we need, and we know how to price-compare, so that won't be hard either. Woo, we're done! >^_^< *bouncing with happy excitement* Wee!! >^_^< .
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November 17th, 2007

02:24 pm - Power Games Come Crashing Down, & then, Fun!
Whew. What a week.

Thursday, we finally had our meeting of the Pagan Campus Organization to vote on elections. This shit got dragged out for three whole weeks, when it really didn't have to. PaCO lost all of its month of November fighting this. That's really just sad. We could have been doing so much for the students of UMaine, holding so many fun activities and discussions, but instead we had Student Government pushed down our throats until we could finally vote out the one trying to control everyone with their own personal agenda. Gah. How sickening.

We really could have resolved this at least a week sooner, but since Michelle was "in charge", holding the figure-head title of President, she dragged it out and pulled so much shit with involving Student Government and deleting any posts on FirstClass that held any view other than her own. Most of our new members stopped coming. Who the hell wants to deal with Student Government agents sitting there watching your every move, intruding where they don't belong? Who wants to deal with someone who takes away everyone's right to speak and deletes posts left and right? No one. We were lucky to have a few dedicated and capable new people ready to take on the group and save it.

So, the election went quickly. Last week's vote to allow non-students to continue being welcome and counted as equals was unanimous. Of course, that's what PaCO has always upheld, and there are reasons for that. (Not to mention the fact that non-student members has only ever meant one to three former students at any given time, who still wish to spend time with their friends while they're around. Non-students are not a threat, they are just friends, and the group is smart enough not to fall for anyone's stupid attempt to call them a threat.) This week's vote for new officers went quickly, without much contest. This proves that the group did not agree with those trying to clamp down on it, and that the group still believes it has the right to make decisions as a group, without someone forcing their own agendas over everyone else.

And, at the end, it was revealed that Michelle had only dragged PaCO through all these weeks of hell because she became determined to find some way to kick Zeus out, because she doesn't like him. Wow. That really sucks. To make PaCO suffer, and lose a whole month, because she wanted Zeus to have to leave. I wonder if she would have pushed so hard to kick out non-students if Griff were still able to make it, or if Tarsha was still around. She liked both of them, and never questioned the "non-students are equals" belief while they were around. Only when she became obsessed with getting rid of Zeus did she pull all this crazy shit. Wow. I bet she would have said other non-students could keep coming, even though her whole platform was "no non-students". Hell, she even told someone that a friend of theirs could vote, even though the friend hadn't attended the agreed upon "two PaCO functions" that everyone else voting was required to have done, just because she liked the friend. WTF?? I'm glad the group was smart enough to recognize such bullshit and two-faced double standards being pulled all over the place.

Anyway, on to the POSITIVE:

After the elections were over and Michelle decided to leave the group, the room relaxed a bit and we started to get into some fun conversation. Then, some new people even showed up! Yay! It was a woman who had seen our Samhain Divination Fair on the Mall on Friday, October 26th. She came in with her little baby, who was adorable and very well behaved, and then her husband came in a bit later. We all had one of the first fun and interesting conversations we've had in PaCO in a very long time. We actually talked about paganism and Christianity, and other random stuff. Good times. We also slated a full list of activities for the rest of the semester. It's a bit tight, it's a real shame to have lost November to all this mess, but we've got a list of things that are not too demanding, and it should go great.

On Friday, I met up with some of the new Officers, and we filled out our Club Update, an application for a Yearly Budget to cover our button printing and flyer printing costs and such, and an application for Event Funding for the Yule Bonfire & Cookout, and Candles, Soap, and Lip-balm Making! Wee! We got all of those done and handed in, discovering just how easy this all really is. We got the date of the next funding meeting, so that we can send someone to it. And the date of the Student Senate meeting after that, in case they want to see someone there, but I don't think that normally happens. It should be just the first meeting that anyone needs to go to.

We also went to some offices in the Union to talk to people about permissions for advertising and bake sales and whatnot, but the people were in a meeting, so we have to get together again later and do that stuff then. We thought of some new ways to advertise, and will check them all out. Even the "your ad here" phone numbers on the bathroom stall boards! Ha ha. Man, I'm so excited to get PaCO all advertised and stuff, and draw in some new members, and draw back some old. We've already had several old members come back, and more say that they will. (We keep getting told that people left because of Michelle and Toby, but that they'll come back now. Still odd, trying to think about how that all happened. Weird stuff.)

Anyway, on my way back from campus on Friday night, I stopped in at the Natural Living Center and wrote out a whole chart of prices for some of the stuff that our new President said we'd need for making soaps and lip-balms. I wrote down prices and ounces for Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil was actually the cheapest thing, if you got it from the bulk refrigerator, being only $1.99 per pound there, whereas the stuff in jars on the shelf was about $14 per pound. Wow. But hopefully, I've got enough here that we won't need to buy any. I've got about half a 128 ounce bucket here, and I don't cook with it as much as I used to, so I don't mind sharing it to make some nice new stuff. Yay! >^_^< We had already gone to the AC Moore together, so we already have pure beeswax for this stuff, and some paraffin for this stuff and the candles. Yay!

Definitely looking forward to some great new fun activities! Wee! >^_^< .
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